Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Bring Us Your Women -the Music

Ready, set, go!! The Bring Us Your Women adventure has started. Over the next 25 days (i.e. over the course of the  kickstarter for BUYW)  I'm going to introduce each of the icons, filmmakers, artists, musicians, poets and dancers participating in this immense project.

I'm coming from the music world, I'll start there.

I composed and collaborated on eleven new original works for BUYW.  Axemunkee is the 'axis' of the orchestra, called Axemunkestra. Led by me on guitar, we've got Yuri Zbitnoff (bombastic acoustic drums), Tamora Gooding (tasty e-drums), Jason Adams (big bottom bass) laying down the foundation while adding cello with Rachel Barringer and Emilie Cavallo, viola via Susannah Plaster and flute courtesy of Rachel Leah Blumenthal.

I knew I wanted to work with a number of different vocalists/singers/writers to help bring the stories to life. I'm so lucky and grateful to have these amazing people involved. Longtime bandmate/collaborator Christine Zufferey (based in Paris,France) whom I've worked with in several bands (old All the Queen's Men and Ziaf, current Mary Zoo ).  Christine and me wrote four tunes together in Paris while I was on tour (Kali, Isis, Arya Tara and Ishtar). I then asked her to contribute lyrics and do vocals for Joan of Arc, Triste/Virgin Mary, Queen of Sheba -where I already had the music written. A big shout out to Carolyn Kepes  who contributed stories and lyrics to a few of the tunes.

The dynamic creative duo Sophia Cacciola  and Michael J. Epstein (my bandmates in Darling Pet Munkee and The Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library ) are both producers for the film anthology of BUYW and singers for 3 tunes!

'Eve' was taken on by Michael.  I strongly suggested that he open the first trail run of BUYW in Nov. of 2013. After much persuasion, he took it on and presented 'Eve' in a light that was unique to him as an artist. Pertinent, provocative and strong. Here's a link to his blog post on how he approached the subject matter and the tune http://blog.michaeljepstein.com/2013/11/bring-us-your-women-recap-michael.html.

Sophia took on the myth of the Sirens and the enigmatic Mary Magdalene. You can read all about her take on this right here http://blog.michaeljepstein.com/2013/11/bring-us-your-women-recap-sophia.html

I couldn't have asked for a more stylish, energetic genre-gender bending performer to deliver 'Delilah' than Johnny Blazes.

Finally, this new production will have a composition that I've collaborated on with Mali Sastri titled 'The Big Bang'. I've been a big fan of Mali's for a while so it's exciting to work with her on this smashing piece.

As you can see from the description above - it's a treasure trove of talent. I hope the project is funded so you can all hear the wonderful noise we are about to make.

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