Thursday, November 6, 2014

MORE FILMMAKERS!! Indie film, iconic figures, we've got you covered

Hello world,

It's been a whirlwind of activity since we closed out the successful Kickstarter for Bring Us Your Women. Currently in pre-production for all phases of the project (film, CD, show).

Let me continue to introduce you to the steady stream of talented individuals who are part of this series. Say hello to these super movie makers:

The dynamic creative duo (and producers for the film anthology): Sophia Cacciola and Michael J. Epstein. Simply put: these two are motivational and you know from previous posts how much I adore working with them-- they were the inspiration (along with a cattle prod--no, no kidding;)) that spawned the film anthology idea. I agreed, because I really want this to have a life beyond the live performances.

Bio: Sophia Cacciola and Michael J. Epstein  are Somerville, MA based filmmakers, musicians, and rabble rousers. After years with their bands, the no-wave art-rock Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling, garage-surf Darling Pet Munkee, and indie ensemble The Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library, the pair took their love of film and their experience making music videos and created their crowdfunded debut feature, the surrealistic, avant-mystery thriller TEN. The film is now on a 2014 world-wide film festival tour with plans for a 2015 public release. They also recently wrapped principal photography on their second feature, a psychological sci-fi trip, MAGNETIC.
ICON:  Sirens, Triste/Virgin Mary, The Big Bang

Love Kelly's WORK! She is the official Axemunkee/Capozzi photographer. She's also a cinematographer. Kelly worked on TEN (which had a Best Cinematography nomination at the Scare-a-Thon Film Fest in Verona, NY) and recently completed MAGNETIC . 

Bio: Kelly Davidson is an NEPA award-winning photographer who has been shooting the Boston music scene for over 10 years, a photojournalism graduate from BU and a longstanding member of NPPA and BPPA (and currently the Programs Director at ASMP New England).

ICON: Delilah

I became aware of Zombie Romance through the Boston Burlesque scene. She was making this FABULOUS live drawings as the action was unfolding. Gorgeous work. Very happy to have her part of BUYW.

Bio:Kristilyn -Zombie Romance is a supremely skilled southpaw whose love of ink and brush is as vast as the atlantic. She delights her brushpen in all things macabre and adorable.


If you saw BUYW part 1 and stayed until the finale, you saw the fantastical film she did for "Harem 66". I can't wait to see what Norah has in store for her iconic figure. 

Bio: Norah (NYC) is an artist, animator and performer who has worked in the Boston area for the past ten years. Her animated films and installations often explore childhood dreams and memories and the function of memory in creating histories and stories. Her animated films have been shown at venues and festivals including the ICA, SXSW, the London International Animation Festival, the California International Animation Festival, and the Carpenter Center Sert Gallery. She has taught animation at the Art Institute of Boston, the School of the Museum of FIne Arts, and Harvard University. For the past seven years, Norah has been the artist-in-residence of the award winning Animating Youth: Room 305 Productions project at the Cambridgeport School. Working with 5th/6th grade teacher Isabel Eccles, she has yearly lead the students in the creation of a animated film inspired by the social studies and literacy curriculum. Mobius will host a retrospective of this work in January 2013. Norah has recently relocated to Brooklyn for graduate studies in Interactive Media at the Tisch School of the Arts.

ICON: Isis