Sunday, September 14, 2014

Bring Us Your Women: Introducing-- Axemunkestra- drums and bass-laying down the ROCK

When I decided to do BUYW, I knew I wanted Axemunkee to be the core of the orchestra. 

I'm fortunate to have this group of killer musicians (and super people) as part of Axemunkee. 

So, a little secret: I used to be a drummer. All through grade school/high school I played drums (marching band, orchestra). I LOVE DRUMS. Especially big ones, loud, snappy, tribal, rock, groovy...drums. That's why Axemunkee has two drummers- I like the juxtaposition of different grooves working together.

Let me introduce you to the core group that holds the big beat bottom down, anchors the band and provides the baseline to jump from.

Yuri Zbitnoff (acoustic drums).  Yuri gives the best DRUM face in Boston. When you see him play you'll know why.  Love playing with Yuri, 'cause his enthusiasm for music is undeniable. 
About: Yuri Zbitnoff is a drummer/composer/arranger who has been simultaneously providing cutting edge musical entertainment and fomenting revolution of the mind for over 20 years.  In addition to his role in the dual drummer combustion chamber that propels Axemunkee, Yuri can be heard playing in Atompunk Go-Go Jazz pioneers Mission Creep as well as brooding art rockers Black Fortress of Opium. 
Yuri is perhaps best known for his nearly 10 year stint with the roiling cauldron of apocalyptic cosmic jazz thunder known as Enuma Elish. 

Tamora Gooding (electronic drums): truth -Tam and I have played together in MANY projects. She's a solid steady groove maker that never lets you down. Love playing with Tam and her and Yuri make an awesome team!
About: From the moment Tamora Gooding sat behind her cousin’s drum set at the tender age of eleven it was love at first beat. Since then she has played with numerous bands in 
varying situations. Starting with several cover bands in her native Connecticut, to the 
eclectic Boston rock-electronica outfit, All the Queen’s Men, to the highly revered 
Edith Piaf-tribute combo, Ziaf (featured in the French film biography of Ziaf’s long-
time collaborator, Marguerite Monnot, In the Shadow of Piaf), Tamora has traveled the 
world following her passion for music. Her talents have recently taken her beyond the 
realm of rock into the world of theater. She played the part of Schlatko in Hi Jinx’s 
2011 production of Hedwig and the Angry Inch and kept audiences on their feet in the 
Gold Dust Orphan’s unique 2011 – 2012 production of The Rocky Horror Show. After a 
five-year spell since her theatrical debut in Samurai 7.0, she has reunited with Beau Jest 
for the production of Ten Blocks On The Camino Real. Tamora has been involved in 
writing/programming drum tracks for the movie TEN, a post-exploitation psychological 
thriller by Michael J. Epstein and Sophia Cacciola. These days she continues to keep 
herself blissfully busy playing in the instrumental rock band, Axemunkee, laying down 
hip-hop grooves with EJ Labb and keeping down the beat with one of Boston’s premiere 
rock acts, Gene Dante and the Future Starlets. She is truly a humble gem in the Boston 
music scene. 

Tamora is endorsed by Grover Pro Percussion.
Besides hearing Tam play with Axemunkee you can listen to her play with Gene Dante here!

Jason Adams- keeping it in the family. I've known Jason since well, a long time. He's Tam's nephew. He is the newest addition to Axemunkee a killer bassist and all around awesome person. 
About: Jason Adams was born and raised in a small town in Connecticut before being baptized in the blues in Colorado. Out West he cut his teeth in bands ranging from Gospel to Blues to Funk to Rock, and it was there that he fell under the spell of performing. Credits include playing with Sam Bass (SaBo DeTo), the Lite Blues, Syless Hope, and A Certain Urgency among others.
Leaving Colorado, Jason moved back East to study at the Berklee College of Music where he earned a degree in Music Synthesis. Having studied with the legendary Berklee Faculty, Jason sought new freedoms in music, which led to performing on bass, laptop and synthesizers with the Berklee Virtual Orchestra, as well as other solo bass and laptop performances in and around the greater Boston area.Locally, Jason has performed and recorded with the Dan Lawson Band, Dick Lourie, The Juke Joint 5, Adam Block, Sweet Baby J’ai, Joshua Rona, Soffie Viemosse and many others. He is currently proud to hold down the bottom in the Dan Lawson Band.

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