Monday, September 8, 2014

Bring Us Your Women- the FILMS and WHY AM I DOING THIS??

BUYW is something I have wanted to do for years.  Disclaimer: I am not a religious scholar or academic- as my true friends will attest. Inspired partly from my own family background (raised Catholic brought up by Italian Americans -with immigrant grandparents, great great parents, aunts, uncles, etc. ) experiencing the rituals for every occasion /holiday/life event.  From living part time in Paris for the past 12 + years and touring Europe, visiting cities with magnificent churches, mosques, temples and structures dedicated to faiths of all stripes- and being blown away by what I was encountering (the shock and awe factor of St. Peter's Basilica in Rome for example).

Lots of questions - what's the inspiration behind the structures? Faith? Power?

The common thread - they're all magnificent, bigger than life spiritual buildings that inspire something beyond our world.

Fast forward to news stories highlighting women being tossed under the bus (political pawns for a number of issues) and BAM! I  had the idea for BUYW.

Let's go back and revisit stories of historic, iconic, mythical female figures and bring their undertold or wrongly told tales to life via music, film, art, dance. The idea was to focus on three positive attributes of these iconic figures and tell the stories in a way that highlights the commonalities between them. Tolerance across the board for all faiths.

Here is a link to my 'artist'  statement at the test run for Bring Us Your Women in Nov. 2013.

The plan was to do this through music, original visual art and dance.  It was after a meeting with my co-collaborators in creative crime - Sophia Cacciola and Michael J. Epstein that the idea for a narrative film came up to drive the stories home for people.

That's how and when all these amazing film and movie people got involved with Bring Us Your Women. I am thrilled and honored to have all of these SUPER and TALENTED film people part of this adventure.

Here's a short list of who's involved and who they're taking on:

Sophia Cacciola and Michael J. Epstein- Sirens
Dan St. Germain - The Singularity- Protektor
Kristi Lyn (Zombie Romance) -Eve
Mark Phinney (Boston/LA writer, filmmaker) - Mary Magdalene
Celine Fernbach (Paris based filmmaker)- Kali
Nicole Solomon - (NYC based filmmaker)- Joan of Arc
Marlise Steeman (Amsterdam photographer/filmmaker ) -Queen of Sheba
Kelly Davidson (Boston photographer/filmmaker) -Delilah
Norah Solorzano (Brooklyn based filmmaker) - Isis and Harem 66

More names and info on each of these AMAZINGLY talented movie makers follow.

Thanks for reading and please, if you're reading this far and have not yet done so please contribute to the BUYW kickstarter now (less than 2 weeks left to go)!!

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