Friday, September 19, 2014

Axemunkestra- strings and flute and...duduk??

As we slog through the final 7 days of the kickstarter - I want to make sure everyone is introduced.

Let me talk about the GIANT aural expansion of Axemunkee into Axemunk-ESTRA  (like an orchestra - but MUNKEE style ;)

In addition to drums, I love STRINGS. I started out my musical career on violin (I adore the violin) - so it's always been a dream to incorporate real strings into one of my musical projects. BUYW provided the opportunity.

Without further explanation here is the STELLAR string and flute section. Needless to say, it's an honor to have these kickass women taking the arrangements to a new level with their playing. Here's where we start to introduce the 'international' group that BUYW is ...


Rachel Barringer: I am so psyched to have Rachel part of this. Although I have been hearing about her for a number of years through another BUYW contributer (Carolyn Kepes) , it was a chance meeting at Diesel Cafe - (through Anthony 'Ants' Conley) that I actually met her. From her own website "a cello playing, yoga teaching, craft creating lady who happens to reside in the Boston area".
Check out  her website here- and listen to the awesome bands she is involved with including The Wrong Shapes (with her husband Bo Barringer).Go here: Lady Ray Cello

Emilie Cavallo: (Geneva, Switzerland) I met Emilie while on tour this past June in Switzerland with Mary Zoo and DAMN, to say she rocks is an UNDERSTATEMENT. A superb professional, able to handle songs thrown at her at the last minute during a show, her willingness to say "OUI" when invited to take her cherished cello into the catacombs of Paris for a once -in a lifetime- show--well, it was only natural to invite her to trek to Boston/'murica for BUYW.  Here is a secret peak at Emilie playing at the clandestine catacombs concert :

Susannah Plaster: Susannah is my bandmate in The Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library  and my movie mate in TEN.  I have stolen her on more than one occasion to rock some tunes with Axemunkee  . An absolute professional, kickin viola player and awesome person- she has yet to steal 'Catherine Capozzi's Box of Light' but I think I might let her use it this year for some shows. Love her playing and psyched she is part of the -munk-ESTRA.

Rachel Leah Blumenthal: FLUTE!! How lucky am I to have poached not one, but TWO amazing people and musicians from the Library. Rachel is another co-librarian in the MJEML, a movie mate in TEN and the entire Los Locos Film Series AND I can bother her about HOT foodie places and she shares info 'cause she's the editor at EATER BOSTON.  Read more about Rachel here:

Christine Zufferey (PARIS, FRANCE):  Christine has to be in another section because she's LEARNING duduk just in time for the show. Also, she is my co-collaborator on too many things but makin' sure she has a listing here ;)

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