Friday, September 19, 2014

Axemunkestra- introducing the vocalists/singers !!!

As most of you know, Axemunkee is an instrumental, psych, surf, gypsy guitar rock band. The guitar is the voice. The songs all tell a story and are inspired by some real life events but told through music,  a feeling, a vibe.

With BUYW, I wanted a mix of instrumental and adding some of my favorite vocalists to tell the stories of these iconic women.

There is some cross over (i.e. Michael J. Epstein and Sophia Cacciola are both producers and filmmakers for the film anthology of BUYW) as well as co-writers on 3 tunes.

Say hello to some of the voices that you'll hear at the live show and on the CD. I am fortunate to have each one of them participate in BUYW.


Mali Sastri: I don't remember where I was first introduced to Mali- but I do remember that when I heard her VOICE - I said: YES. I don't know what it is ..but it's THAT.  I have always wanted to work with Mali. I had this idea for an opening for BUYW  and knew that she would be the perfect collaborator to bring it to life. The Big Bang.  Please check out her gorgeous band Jaggery

Michael J. Epstein: Can I tell you how I 'suggested strongly' that Michael open the first BUYW with his take on 'Eve'? And he was terrified?  HA! Well, he didn't have a choice, really. To say that I immensely enjoy working with Michael would be a huge UNDERSTATEMENT.  I think Mike has super human powers. Or he might be an alien. It's the only way I can wrap my mortal head around everything he does, from music, to movies, to blogs, to ...??? Read Michael's take on 'Eve' and the first BUYW:

Christine Zufferey: (Paris, France) - I think Christine needs more than a paragraph to describe our long time working relationship, friendship and what she means to me. I credit her with making me take my 'trophy guitar' - my Brian May - out from under my bed to play it in public. But, brevity is best for the blog;). Christine has a voice that has always resonated with me, from the first time I heard her (with her band 'January'). It's more than amazing. Operatic, crazy (when she wants to) and gorgeous  every time. She's a friend, creative collaborator, bandmate and person who has introduced me to several unique 'never did this before' experiences. Oh, sure, we've had our 'Mick and Keith' moments - that goes along with any looooong term creative relationship. I dragged her into this because I wanted to bring her back to Boston for something larger than life. I wanted to write some new music with her and this was how we did it. We wrote 'Kali' , 'Tara', 'Isis' and 'Ishtar' together. I asked her to write lyrics for 'Virgin Mary' /Triste, 'Joan of Arc', 'Queen of Sheba'. She did and the end result is beautiful.  She is also responsible for bringing me into the catacombs of Paris ;)   Coming off of a 3 month european tour with her (April, May, June) - she released a gorgeous CD (art and music) in June. Please go to Mary Zoo and listen to her!!

Johnny Blazes: I didn't know who Johnny was until Axemunkee had a show at Precinct with  Johnny Blazes and the Pretty Boys.  Before I heard Johnny sing that night, I found out we were about to become fellow librarians in The Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library. Bam! Johnny took the stage by storm. Who doesn't need a little glitter in their life? YES, everyone (except MJE) !! The consummate entertainer, performer and gritty soul vocalist. Always surprising (can I say watching Johnny on the FB gender of the day is something I look forward to?)  Johnny delivers the story of 'Delilah' for BUYW!

Sophia Cacciola: I play with Sophia in a number of bands (MJE Memorial Library) and my  secret favorite,  Darling Pet Munkee. (with MJE too). But I first heard her playing in her BAND. One of my absolute FAVORITES (across all genres of music). Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling . Sophia has IT. Whatever IT IS.  Raw, primal, coming from that place that you can't teach someone how to do, they either have it or not. I am lucky because I get to collaborate on cool STUFF with her. We worked on 'Sirens' and "Mary Magdalene' for BUYW.  Read her blog post on her experience with BUYW part 1:

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